Justice for Ayyub


A community organizer, Ayyub Abdul-Alim was targeted by the FBI to become an informant and framed when he refused to spy on his community. Abdul-Alim’s case embodies one injustice in a larger system of state violence that targets Muslims in a proclaimed “War on Terror.” This website represents the campaign to free Ayyub, focusing on political education and growing a base of informed supporters.

The site highlights Abdul-Alim’s personal testimony, presents an accessible overview of his case, displays clear call-to-actions for supporters, and shares media documents with press outlets. It tells his story through written, visual, and audio formats. The project contextualizes him in a larger political system, presenting ongoing articles that build the campaign’s momentum, relevance, and support.


This campaign website has successfully built Justice for Ayyub’s base of supporters and garnered national press coverage, from the Hampshire Gazette to Democracy Now!.