East Bay Sanctuary Covenant

print and identity design / art direction
Protect. Advocate. Transform.

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant hired me to lead their first organizational rebrand in their 37 year history of providing legal services to asylum seekers and refugees. I lead a participatory process with staff and board to reflect on their organizational brand, as well as designed the new visual identity, style guide, and print and digital collateral. We came up with three core symbols to express their commitment to provide protection, advocacy, and transformational education for immigrants and asylum seekers from around the world:

The hummingbird represents the courage and resilience of the migrants who travel sometimes thousands of miles to seek freedom, safety, and the chance to start life anew.

The barbed fence represents the enormous obstacles our clients have overcome, including trauma in their home countries, danger on their journey to the U.S., and the barriers of the U.S. immigration system.

The house represents shelter and sanctuary for those who have fled persecution, violence, and extreme poverty.

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