Movement Building Design

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  • art direction
  • ux and website design
  • print and identity design
  • comms strategy
  • copywriting
  • photography

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My partners have included, SEIU, Social Movement Technologies, Design Action Collective, Jewish Voice for Peace, Puerto Rico on the Map, SF Aids Foundation, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Art With Impact, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, SF Women’s Building, Coalition on Homelessness, and Earth Island Institute.

    • Story-Based Strategy
    • Ladder of Engagement
    • Data-Driven Campaigns


    • Brand Consistency
    • Creative Art Direction
    • Human-Centered Design


    • Inclusive User Experience
    • Custom WordPress Themes
    • Accessible + Speed-Optimized


    • Analytics + Reports
    • Security Hardening
    • Sustainable Hosting


    • Email List Growth
    • Digital Advertising
    • Social Media Campaigns


    • Content Strategy
    • Fundraising Integration
    • A/B Testing Campaigns


Share Your Stories

I set creative strategy and design grassroots campaigns for progressive organizations.

My visual communications have supported sanctuary cities, racial justice ballot initiatives, oil pipeline blockades, tenant protections, Palestinian human rights, LGBTQI equality, incarcerated journalists, corporate accountability, Puerto Rican independence, progressive political candidates, and ending gender-based violence.

I also train organizers in digital and cultural strategy, design, video, and photography, and am a 2019 Fellow at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Just as much a part of my creative process, I play soccer with the Left Wing Fútbol Club, meditate, and print political posters.



The N.S.A. can say we are collaborators, but let’s do it on our terms: contact [at] julescowan [dot] com