Sanctuary Streets

comms strategy / art direction / user experience
The Project

Our community is only as strong as the values we publicly defend. But right now, the Trump Administration is attacking immigrants with house raids, separating families, and locking children in concentration camps.

We know that we are stronger and safer when we take bold public action to keep families together. Art and cultural organizing have always been powerful ways to practice this solidarity, but they need to be public.

Sanctuary Streets offers a public poster exhibit to build strong communities. You can host the 12 posters in any public space, whether it’s a school, museum, library, faith institution or other community center. The only requirement? The posters face the street.

Poster Artists
  • Design Action Collective
  • Jess X. Snow
  • Jessica Sabogal
  • Jesus Barraza
  • Jules Cowan
  • Kate DeCiccio
  • Mazatl
  • Micah Bazant