Defend Sanctuary


Defend Sanctuary


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All proceeds go to Mijente, a political home for Latinx & Chicanx organizing.

Amnesty International has declared it the worst humanitarian crisis of our time: worldwide, more than 21 million people have been forced to seek sanctuary abroad.

At the same time, politicians rise to power through fueling xenophobia, racism, fear, and distrust. In this deadly climate, we need to defend each other against the mass deportations, refugee bans, and border walls.

The call for expanding sanctuary comes from Black, Latinx, Muslim, immigrant, indigenous, and LGBTQIA communities. So what is sanctuary? Broadly, it refers to legislation that protects city residents targeted by aggressive law enforcement, But we can’t stop there, because it’s just as important to imagine and expand what sanctuary could mean.

This poster imagines sanctuary as choosing a side in a humanitarian crisis between attacking and defending; as building community while resisting displacement; as sustaining humanity in a world that does not ensure everybody’s human rights; as the light illuminating a dark city.

The poster text reads “Defend Sanctuary” and features this quote from Assata Shakur:

A Wall Is Just A Wall
It Can Be Broken Down


About the poster paper:
These matte, museum-quality posters are printed on acid-free archival paper.

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